Artist Film Workshop  Melbourne based artist run group with film lab facilities.  Offers workshops and screenings. 

Owyheesound  Very informative website covering many different types of 16mm cameras and film production, a must see for novice and pro's.

Du-All Camera  
Website selling variety of replacement batteries for 16mm cameras  A website specialising in film archiving.  The above link contains information on various manaufactureres date codes on film edges.  Quite handy!

Wichm  Website listing over 3000 cameras and projectors.

AUSFILM.ORG  Enormous resource relating to Australian film making, covering all aspects.

  Using Expired Film  Very handy website offering great advice on using expired film stocks

The Complete Guide  Another very informative website about the Pro's & Con's of shooting expired film

Jesse Taylor Smith  A local Film maker utilising 16mm in music videos and short films.  Interesting site, downloadable 16mm camera manuals, plus information on cameras.

Super 16mm Inc.  A New York business offering conversions from 16mm to super 16mm, among numerous other services.

Motion Picture Film  Wiki list of film formats, 8mm, 9.5, 16, 35, and 70mm

Taphilo  A website detailing Kodak film numbers and respective chemical process.

Pentax Forums  A very handy site containing information and reveiws on M42 thread lens

Whitehouse Audio Visual  Film camera accessories, from new battery packs for CP cameras to sales of cameras and lenses.  Handy blog detailing D.I.Y repair of Arriflexs' most common issues.


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Video & Film Solutions  One of many American film labs offering processing services.

16mm Adventures  A interesting website/blog about many D.I.Y aspects of 16mm film.

The Bolex Collector  Very helpful site covering all things 16mm Bolex, specs, ebay links, articles and tips.

Very informative site with a large resource of information

erkanumut.wordpress-Eclair cameras link 02   Very useful sites covering the Eclair camera
      changed the world Link to a Youtube video of a BBC documentary about.. the title says the rest..

           Digital Truth  A great website with an enormous amount of information in regards to D.I.Y film processing.

FILM LABS  Link to a site detailing D.I.Y processing as well as other handy 16mm information

Auricon Users Group  Online Auricon user community, a must stop for any new owners of this great camera.  Many links and files

Schmalfilm -Film  Interesting German small format film forum, simple paste the page address into Google translate, and you can read German!

16mm Film: getting started  Very informative video introducing the basics of shooting 16mm film. Other videos by the same person are very good watching.

Pavan Deep  Interesting site detailing personal assesments of some popular 16mm cameras

CINEMAGEAR.COM  Comprehensive site specialising is sales of all types of film cameras and equipment.

DIY Cinefilm Workflow  A website detailing a film makers success with developing different types of film.

Retro Cine  An American website selling kits for processing film.

CINETINKER BLOG  Link to a repair and service blog maintained by a qualified cine camera technician covering common 16mm cameras

Movie camera manuals  Huge selection of user and repair manuals for many 16mm cameras