The entire film collection of Greek-Australian filmmaker Bill Mousoulis
is now available on Vimeo for private viewing.

Since 1982, Mousoulis has made around 110 films (10 features, 100 shorts), most of them in Melbourne, Australia, with 2 recent features also made in Greece.  Along his path, Mousoulis has also been an occasional critic (founding the online journal Senses of Cinema) and a passionate advocate for grass-roots, independent filmmaking (founding the Melbourne Super 8 Film Group years ago, and the websites Melbourne Independent Filmmakers and Pure Shit: Australian Cinema in more recent times).

His work is influenced by the cinema practice of auteurs such as Bresson, Godard, Rossellini, Akerman, Borzage, Demy, Bunuel, Cassavetes and various others, and by experimental cinema and music clips.  You can read an Overview of Mousoulis' work here.  He has been championed by international critics such as Adrian Martin, Maximilian Le Cain, Jit Phokaew, Mónica Delgado, Rüdiger Tomczak, Dan Georgakas, and Australian critics such as Jake Wilson, Philippa Hawker, Rolando Caputo, Fiona Villella, Lesley Chow, Christos Tsiolkas.


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