Monster Valley  New Zealand Independent arts and content agency offering Super8 film sales, processing and film creation in conjunction with companies under the same roof

FILMNET:  Old Australian film industry resource page.  Forums, advertising, and online films.  Has not been active for a few years

SYDNEY SUPER8:  Online store devoted to many aspects of "Old School" film shooting, cine and still film catered for.

OVERCLOCKERS  An Australian website forum for all aspects of still photography and often motion film.

AUSTRALIAN FILM  FESTIVALS  A comprehensive listing of local festivals

MANGO A GO GOWebsite detailing the feature film ‘In my image’, shot on Super8.

CINELICIOUS  Californian based film transfer house with strong links to Super8 and 16mm.

D.I.Y FILM PROCESSING  Step by step instructions with pictures on how to build your own processing tank, the best D.I.Y example so far.

B&H FOTO  Super8 film sales, massive variety, quick turnaround for processing, very popular with Super8 enthusiasts.

AUSTRALIAN SHORTFILMS.COM  A website covering all aspects of people involved in the film industry, at entry level.

INNERSENSE  The web site of Bill Mousoulis who has completed many short films and features

Mr Martin's website  A large site detailing history, specs, and links for cameras covering all formats of motion film.

SUPER8 CAMERAS  A comprehensive website covering the history of Super8.

 The Bolex Collector  Very informative site covering all things Bolex, cameras and projectors.  Includes specs, ebay links, articles.

SUPER8 EXCHANGE  A very good source of instruction manuals for Super8 cameras

DOOM9  A forum devoted to user's of the computer program Avisynth.  FAQ's and tips

Online European based store . sells competitively priced cameras & accessories

LITTLE FILM  Very informative site, by film makers, covering all aspects of Super8 production.

TWEAKHEADZ  A handy website offering plain English advise on all aspects of audio recording, sampling, and editing.

CINEMATOGRAPHY  Covers all film formats, a good place to find technical info

INDIE TALK  A chatroom covering aspects of Indie film making.

MINIDISC  A very handy website covering the simple and complex questions.

SUPER8  A very informative website showcasing a filmmaker's own frame by frame telecine design.  As well as examples of Avisynth's potential for the 8mm image

JAPANESE FILM BLOG  Muddy Orihara's Single-8 and Super8 news from japan.  Very informative website for Single-8 film buffs.  Not active since 2010 

FILM PROJECT  Very informative website detailing many aspects of Super8 cameras and technology tips.  A must see.

FILMSHOOTING  A small gauge film makers resource, forum, manuals, articles, etc.


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